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We are the best there is and that is not an empty boast. With experts from all over the industry and decades of collective experience, there are very few that can match our bathroom renovation Naples fl services.

With years in the field and up to date with all that there is to know about home and bathroom design, quality is both guaranteed and expected. We offer our clients a wide array of services when doing bathroom installations, including but not limited to:

  • Tiling
  • Shower and bath installation
  • Full renovations
  • Painting
  • Toilet and sink installations
  • Lighting
  • Plumbing

And many more services await. As we said, our experts are sourced from all over the industry, with an intrinsic understanding of all the materials we use and offer. Speaking of materials…

Material choice

We work with everything and everything, from wood to stone to tile to clay; if you want it done, we can do it. Unlike other companies, we do not shy away from hard to install materials like marble tiling and natural stone slabs. Our clients often come up with wacky and wild ideas and we love it as it keeps us on our toes and expands our horizons. Consider having a theme central during your brainstorming with our designers.

What makes us different

Unlike other bathroom remodeling contractors Naples fl, we start off at the basics of planning and work our way up. Sit down with us and let us walk you through the process and motions. Before a pen hits paper, we ensure that you are well informed about our skills and certifications. Then, comes the discussion, in which you explain to us what you expect, want and need. Our team of experts will then review this and explain to you your best possible options from our array of services.

Design and your vision

For your bathroom remodeling, sit down with our incredible design team and tell them exactly what you want and need and watch the magic happen. With their eye for detail and design, we always satisfy our customers before the project even starts. The key to our success lies in the minute details we instill in our plans, making sure that the final project is smooth and efficient as humanly possible.

Ask questions and engage, knowing that with each passing second your dream bathroom is becoming a reality. With hard work and experience, the human mind and body can create incredible works of art. Let your kitchen be our next marvel and masterpiece.

We are an experienced team and staff, with a bond stronger than stone. When it comes to remodeling and renovations, there is not a single doubt in our minds that we are the best. We ensure each member of our team is up to snuff before they step onto the site. If you have any questions, contact us today and get a free quote. Platinum Sands Construction, going beyond gold.

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